Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Every one of us is a consumer. We are almost constantly engaged in some consumer transaction. And, for the most part, they go off without a hitch, day in and day out. Unfortunately, there are some who don’t play by the same rules. It could be a seller who deceptively represents a product or service, a predatory lender charging illegal interest or fees, a dodgy debt collector using unfair tactics, a hidden fee slipped into a monthly invoice, an insurance company refusing to provide the coverage your premiums paid for, or a manufacturer who cut corners and created a dangerous product.

The list of things for which consumers must stay on guard is limitless.

Fortunately, a variety of state and federal laws exist to promote fair, ethical, and safe business practices. Remedies may include injunctions (a court order directing a company to act or refrain from acting in a certain way); money damages (either actual or in an amount prescribed in a statute); the recovery of your legal fees; or punitive damages.

Unfair Practices

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