Beck Chase Gilman is a Pacific Northwest litigation boutique that represents real people and does it well. We are experienced trial lawyers who have handled sophisticated, complex, and high-stakes cases against some of the country’s largest corporations and law firms. Our three founders left partnership at an established regional firm to bring a singular focus to BCG’s mission, vison, and values.

Mission | Advocate for real people and obtain the best outcomes for them.

Most folks rarely need a lawyer (if ever) and will go out of their way to avoid a legal fight. But when big business, government, or insurers won’t treat you fairly, BCG is the counterweight. We push back by insisting on justice—the fullest compensation for our clients based on their harms and losses, personal circumstances, and goals.

Vision | Shape the law to bring justice within reach of ordinary people.

Flaws in the law don’t just impact individual clients; they can broadly harm workers, consumers, and ordinary citizens. When it aligns with our clients’ interests, we will take on unsettled or wrongly decided precedent and press for a fair and just clarification or correction of our laws.         

Values | Elevate the practice of law.

Lawyers get a bad rap—sometimes deservedly so. BCG understands that greed, deception, and other unethical behavior don’t just drag down the profession; they’re bad for clients. Frivolous lawsuits make good ones harder to win. Needless bickering wastes everyone’s time and client money. And ill-gotten short-term gains inevitably create long-term debts. Without question, litigation is bruising but the right battles must be fought aggressively. Our clients are best served by a civil, professional, and smart approach that is always guided by the best outcome for them.





Wage & Hour


Personal Injury

Wrongful Death

Serious Injury

Sexual Abuse

Medical Malpractice


Consumer Protection

Unfair Practices

Insurance Bad Faith

Products Liability

Class Actions



Ownership Disputes





When the Stakes are High…

BCG’s attorneys have over 30 years combined experience fighting and winning cases against the toughest opposition.
We’ll develop a bespoke strategy for the unique facts of your case that aligns with your goals. No cookie cutters here.
Stay connected with your attorney. Whether you prefer a secure mobile communications portal or good old snail mail, you’ll always be in the loop about the status of your case.
Work with a team that is as passionateabout your case and community as you are. While the law can be complicated, our guiding philosophy is not: Do important work and do it well.

The Team

James W. Beck

Recognized as one of Washington’s Top 100 Lawyers and a leader in the plaintiff and federal bar, James is a lawyer’s lawyer with a prolific track record of success for his clients.

Janelle E. Chase Fazio

Winner of the Washington State Association for Justice’s 2020 “Ready to Soar” award, Janelle is a fighter who has earned her reputation as a tough, smart, and relentless advocate for her clients.

Janelle E. Chase Fazio

Winner of the Washington State Association for Justice’s 2020 “Ready to Soar” award, Janelle is a fighter who has earned her reputation as a tough, smart, and relentless advocate for her clients.

Eric D. Gilman

Recognized by his peers as a top tier litigation attorney for nearly a decade, Eric is a gifted trial lawyer who mixes tech savvy,  meticulousness, and compassion with tenacity to win.

Latest News

Chase Fazio Headline

Chase Fazio Article on Workplace COVID Accommodations Featured in Trial News

A socially-distanced tip of the hat to our own Janelle Chase Fazio, whose article about COVID-19 and disability discrimination was featured in the Washington State Association for Justice’s Summer 2021 edition of Trial News. Front page, above the fold! Check it out here: COVID and Failure to Accommodate: How the pandemic has impacted disability discrimination

Gilman Prevails in “Robocall” Appeal.

The Washington Supreme Court declined further review of a case involving auto-dialed, pre-recorded “robocalls,” letting stand two lower court rulings that the calls violated Washington’s Consumer Protection Act. Eric Gilman represented the group of plaintiffs who received the nuisance calls to their cell phones ahead of the 2016 election. The trial court not only found

Gilman Joins Emergency Food Network Board.

Emergency Food Network—whose mission is “to provide Pierce County with a consistent, diverse and nutritious food supply so that no person goes hungry”—invited Eric Gilman to join its Board of Directors. EFN is Pierce County’s sole nonprofit food distributor, coordinating more than 80 food pantries and hot meal sites to provide over 18.3 million meals annually

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