Our attorneys have a proven track of success in state and federal appellate courts. We have successfully prosecuted and opposed appeals in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the Washington Supreme Court, and the Washington Court of Appeals. Appellate advocacy presents unique challenges for practitioners, requiring a thorough understanding of procedural rules, the judicial deliberation process, and nuanced legal propositions.

For most litigants, review by a higher court is not sought after—you’ve either suffered a loss in the lower court, must protect a favorable result from reversal, or both. Regardless, the possibility of appeal is a critical consideration from the time a lawsuit is contemplated through entry of a judgment on a verdict. Appellate courts are generally limited to considering the evidence and arguments in the record, which must conscientiously and strategically preserved by the attorneys throughout the course of litigation. Thus, appellate experience is an important factor to weigh even when selecting trial counsel.

BCG represents its clients through all phases of litigation, including on appeal. We also provide appellate consultation and associate with other lawyers to serve solely as appellate counsel. If you have a matter for which appeal is likely, we encourage you to give contact us early.   

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